Facilities and Equipment

1) Environment-concious Washing Equipment for Non-ferrous Metals

非鉄金属洗浄装置We have invented our own washing eqipment which does not use any organic solvent such as trychloroethylene. This washing machine washes not only coper-alloy materials but also almost all kinds of non-ferrous metal materials in a very clean way.

2) Fluorescent X-Ray Film Thickness Meter

蛍光X線膜厚測定器XRAY XLUM made by Fischer Instruments 

3) Baking Oven

ベーキング炉Temperature can rise up to 400℃. We can also control the heat-up time.

4) Effluent Treatment Devices

排水処理We are using following devices to clean and dispose wastewater:

  1. Device to clean and dispose chromium-containing waste water (Chromium is recovered by the method of ion-exchange)
  2. General effluent treatment device (Flocculation/Sedimentation Method)
  3. Filter press device
  4. Filtration device
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