Corporate Profile

We are a surface plating company in Joetsu, Niigata.

We have been providing surface plating technology, mainly the nickel chrome plating on materials used in stoves and gas equipments and also zinc plating on materials used in construction machines. 

Our company was establisehd in 1961, and we have been doing business with more than 200 companies.

We are not just an industrial company. We provide “service” to our customers by adding values to their product with our surface plating technology. 

Each of our cutomers has different request. Some want to make their product rust-free. Some want to make their product decorative. Some require accurate dimensions, and some others require hardness to their product. We do our best to meet their requirements as much as possible with our top quality plating technology. We are capable of handling various kinds of materials in big lot size and small lot size in a short period of time.

As we use various kinds of chemicals, we care about environment and do our best to protect it.

We have been putting our efforts to activities to protect environment. Since 2006, our environmental management system has been complying to Eco Action 21 Certification and Registration program authorized by Ministry of Environement.
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Corporate Profile



Shinwa Mekki Industry Co., Ltd 


1631 Tsuchihashi, Ooaza, Joetsu-shi, Niigata-ken,  943-0828

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Established November, 1961
Capital 10 million yen
President Naoto Takimi
Employee 12 (As of March, 2015)



November, 1961 Shinwa Mekki Industry was established by the former president, Sunao Takimi, in Nishishiro-cho, Joetsu-shi
January, 1968 Reorganized into a stock compan, Shinwa Mekki Industry Co., Ltd
January, 1969 Relocated to 1631 Tsuchihashi, Ooaza, Joetsu-shi
March, 1982 Introduced an automatic processsing line of nickel-chrome plating
December, 1990 Naoto Takimi appointed as a new president
June, 2004 Introduced a bonderizing processsing equipment
January, 2011 Introduced an electroless nickel plating equipment
October, 2014 Introduced an environmental-concious washing equipment for non-ferrous metals